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Should you buy long term care insurance? Most of us buy insurance to cover our homes against loses of as little as $1,000.00 or cars or trucks are covered by insurance polices for damages in excess of $500.00. Most of us maintain health care insurance. Yet, what would happen if you become ill and required long term care? It is not our intent to scare you, but did you know that the cost of long term care can cost as much as $50,000.00 per year?

Long term care insurance can be very affordable and still provide protection against almost certain financial disaster if you require long term care in a nursing home. So who needs long term care insurance? Anyone that is not rich or financially indepenent should consider buying a long term care insurance policy. At all About Long Term Care we offer free, no obligation quotes for long term care insurance policies.

Instead of facing the possibility of providing for your own long term care, why not find out how affordable a long term care insurance policy can be.

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