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If you haven't taken a look at long term care insurance, then following are some statistics that may help you to consider some of the reasons why you may want to seriously consider long term care coverage.

  • One out of two men and two out of three women will enter a nursing home. One out of seven men and one out of three women will stay a year or longer.*
  • This year alone over nine million Americans will need long term care with costs averaging over $55,000.00 per year. It is estimated that by the year 2060 more than twenty four million Americans will pay in excess of over $250,000.00 per year for long term care. These figures are supported by the Long Term Care Insurance National Advisory Council.
  • Within a year after admission to nursing care as private pay residents, more than 90% of these individuals become financially disadvantaged.

Long term care insurance is not strictly for nursing home care coverage. LTC insurance can also cover "at home care" for those that have difficulty performing daily living activities such as dressing, bathing, eating, getting in and out of bed or a chair and using toilet facilities. Long term care can also assist with other daily tasks such as money management, household chores, medication administration, shopping, meal preparation and more. Your policy will pay an amount per day that may or may not cover all of these expenses.

Don't fall prey to the misconception that long term care insurance is only for the elderly. Even young people can become temporarily or permanently unable to perform their daily functions through accidents or illnesses.

Although the above scenarios can be quite scary, you can be better prepared for any of them by taking a good look into long term care insurance. Don't wait until it's too late. A policy that is purchased when you are young and in good health will be considerably cheaper than when you become older and your health is not as good as it is today.

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* Kemper and Murtaugh, projections for those reaching age 65 in 1990