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Will you ever need disability insurance or assisted living insurance? After all, you probably have a health insurance policy now that provides peace of mind. So why bother with long term care insurance quotes?

With zest and zeal and a passion for life, it's no surprise that most young people don't want to think about being disabled or ever needing assisted living insurance.

In fact, very few people under age 40 have long term care insurance according to industry experts. These individuals often feel invincible and fear that they will jinx things if they buy long term care insurance coverage. Most of these same people wouldn't consider being without health insurance or car insurance as an example, but most can't be convinced to invest in disability insurance and assisted living insurance.

  • About 60% of men and women over the age of 65 will need long-term care.¹ By the year 2020, 12 million people will need care, and most of these people will receive care at home.²

At we offer free long term care insurance quotes and can explain the reasons why you should be thinking about the advantages of buying long term care disability and assisted living insurance now.

After all, your current health insurance policy offers peace of mind now. Just think of the additional peace of mind you'll have when you have long term care disability insurance and assisted living insurance. You'll sleep better now and in the future with knowing that you are covered by long term care insurance.

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